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Welcome to our first issue

you are going to find a lot of things in these pages that you may or may not agree with, but what you are going to find is what Bill and I refer to as the three R's. Runs, rides and riders.


If this discription doesn't fit you then, Distinct Society is the wrong Magazine for you.

SO, See ya wouldn't want to be ya.

First off.

We promise to never sell out for the buck. This mag will always be what the Bikers want, NOT THE BANKERS.

Ladies; I am going to say up front that I'm a Dominant male and I can't help being a pig on a hog, but I will try to keep this place respectable enough for all to enjoy.

If you have a point of view, photos,art,run info, or anything of interest, send it in. We will try to make use of it in upcoming issues.