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Feature Run........ Breastfest.......Hey Ma, I'm freezing my ass off!

I,ve got to admit, I don't remember too much of what went on at Breastfest, me bein' who I am and whisky bein' what it is. I do remember fallin' off my scooter twice, and I did come home with a few cuts and bruises, so I must have had a helluva good time. Since pictures speak louder than words, I'll keep this short. Here goes:

The Breastfest run is usually held on the second weekend in September at the Silver Creek Ranch, about a ten minute ride west of Water Valley, Alberta, which is about a hour north of Calgary. This was my first time out, so I didn't know what to expect. I've gotta tell ya that these guys throw a great party. For a measly 30 bucks you get a T-shirt, great chow and all the beer you can swill.

Saturday was the highlight of the weekend, with kickass games in the afternoon, followed by a tasty chicken breast dinner with all the fixin's, trophy presentations and some good tunes played by a local band. It was great seein' old friends and meetin' new people. The only complaint I've got is that as soon as the sun went down it got colder than a witch's heart - typical fall weather in the foothills. There was a BIG crowd around the bonfire.

Sunday morning found me chasin' the frost outta my shorts while the crew went down to the pancake breakfast. The sausage and eggs looked good, but I stuck to my usual post-party pick-me-up, beer and TJ. Then we headed up to the main gate for a show n shine, more trophy presentations and some giveaways. Sharp rides, including an Illusion, a new bike out of California owned by Jim, a Christian M.A. biker. Thanks to Gypsy and Dale for puttin' up with me askin' a million questions about Gypsy's custom VW trike. Some of the giveaways were hand made - like the steel bike model made by a local biker. As I've always said, bikers are the most talented and interesting people on the planet.

All in all, not a bad weekend - bikes, babes, free beer and mountain air. If you're around the area in September, check it out. Later.

Wild Bill



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