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MOUTHIN' OFF: Spleen venting done here, you readers have a section to mouth off, well so do we.

Since this is the first issue we don't have to respond to any reader comments. Probably be the only time this will happen. Think I'll enjoy the moment & Kill a 6 pack.


It really is "NOT ILLEGAL TO BE A BIKER" if your standing on a fence somewhere telling everybody that your a "Motorcycle Enthusiast" be careful when you slip off that fence that you don't end up with a picket where it hurts most. If you love your bike and the special freedom that comes with it, then ** you are a biker **. That does not mean that you are a hard core biker, that takes a special breed to be a 1%'er.

The thing I'm trying to get at is if we allow our Law Enforcement Agencies to treat the hard core riders like they have no rights or liberties under Canadian Law then we are helping to set it up that we too, will lose our rights. In Calgary every spring the local Law does a special blitz. They call this operation aimed at all motorcyclists ( **SNICKER** ), Random motorcycle inspection for public safety. Let me tell you about a prime example of how this works.

Two bikers are riding down the road and this nice officer looking out for your safety, pulls the two bikers over. The nice policeman goes up to the biker riding the H.D. and checks his helmet, registration, insurance, license, pipes, tires and lights etc. Then in the interest of our safety the officer got back in his car and drove away. The other biker who was on a Goldwing said to the biker on the H.D. "man what a relief, I thought I might get busted".

Now we get to the real farce part of this little game of harassment. The biker on the H.D. and the biker on the Goldwing didn't really know each other and had just met up on the road. The biker on the Goldwing didn't have a license or current insurance. DOESN'T THAT MAKE YOU FEEL SAFE AND FAIRLY TREATED UNDER CANADIAN LAW. *** Did an alarm go off in the back of your little motorcycle enthusiast brain. Get off the fence.***

Next example; comes to us when the Grim Reapers MC patched over to the H.A.M.C. here in the land of Alberta, a supposedly free part of Canada. They gathered and did their thing amidst police over kill, with media hype to help whip the poor regular citizens into a froth of worry and panic. One statement made by the press was that if the citizens saw a gathering of more than 3 bikers gathering in one place that they should call in and report it, so that our local law could check it out. They said BIKERS not Clubbers or H.A.M.C. (Are you and your two friends sitting and talking in the parking lot starting to get a chill down your spine yet) Then our fine law persons set up a stop check to welcome the new H.A.M.C. and friends back to Calgary. They tied up traffic for several hours on a major highway and issued tickets for over a hundred supposed violations. Which as far as I've been able to find out were virtually all thrown out.

I can tell you lots more of these examples, but if these two aren't enough, then I feel sorry for you and can only hope they pick on you and leave the rest of us alone.

Big Dog



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