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Welcome to our Links Page

Links are in three groups:We decided not to put them in any specific order for now. Till we find the way that will work best for us.

Links group 1:

Links group 2:

Commercial pages:, If you are on the web to make money or promote a specific thing that isn't for the free benefit of Bikers, you belong here.

Send us your link and group choice.

Don't forget to link us to your site or favorite sites

Links group 1:This is where I put pages that I considered more personal pages

Sven Photo
Freelance Photographer.... Biker (Big Dog)
Wild Bill not linked yet
Steve & Kim's home page
Nice page from some NH folks
Outlaws Harley Links
Lots of great links here.
Big Dog's Homepage
where I go when they take off the straight jacket.
Loons World
A great canadian spirit here
Stormy's Hideout
Neat Lady with a good attitude
Good attitudes here
Hot looking, nice site
good biker site
Harley Angels homepage
check it out
Hmmm nice
Dixie Deb
Harley HD Biker wench.... thats what she says
Biker 15K
Great guy check him out.
Angry Biker Homepage
This man has something solid to say. Give him a read
Animals home page
trike info page, this bro is solid
Triker OX's homepage
another solid biker
Biker Blondie
Helluva nice lady, check her out

Links group 2:I just consider these as more designed for the masses than personal

Wild Bill's Culture Corner
Home page of the Alaskan Biker Poet **not our Wild Bill**
Cherri Dancer
A cool and classy Lady Biker from Las Vegas
Boomers Road House
A very cool site
Daytona Dilligaf
Some great stuff
Fourspeeds Biker Babes
Babes!and more
Duckmans Bitching Biker page
great site with lots of biker stuff
Motorcycle City
Great links and more
Henry's Harley Links
Check this site out he's got alot of cool stuff.
This lady does alot for Bikers, Give her a visit
Silverhawk Creations
Native American whose art is 1st rate
Shar's Graphic Studio
Classy looking lady with a nice site
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Murphy's Law
Four speeds hideaway
Scandinavian Biker Web
Snakker Norske
Hawg and HarleyBabes Hangout
Give this a look
Biker Bob's House
Great site, neat stuff
Alf's Harley-Davidson Homepage
an alright site
Bikers Against Child Abuse
BC Coalition of Motorcyclists
People working hard for Bikers.
Battle 2win
Buells & Hi Performance Sporsters
BSH Unofficial
Back Street Heroes Unofficial site.
Biker Heaven
Great resource center
Mad Max
Biker site in Poland
Australian Cruiser site
Russian Bikers Page
The first independent Bike site in Russia
Bikers of lesser tolerance
Doc's Motorcycle touring pitstop
Wow! lots of touring info here
Ace's Empire
I love this site.
PDRMC: Pair A Dice Riders mc
this is where someone is fighting for Biker rights.

Commercial pages:

Freelance Photography; Available for assignments
Sexy biker wear and lingerie
Kellier Graphics
Editors business site
Heritage HD Calgary
Canadas dealer of the Year
Harley Davidson Homepage
Yes I mean HD's Home site
OZ BIKE magazine
A in your face Biker Mag.
Red and White site
Electric Start
A magazine from the California area
East Coast Superbikes
Motorsports Enterprises
Great customizing, painting and parts link

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